Fitness Fencing's Code of Conduct

Salute ~ Sportsmanship Throughout

Shake Hands when we meet.
Smile & Greet.
Say Hello & Good-bye, Thank you, Please, & May I.
Listen & Learn from your parents, teachers, & peers.
Visitors & Guests are treated with respect here.

Engarde ~ Energy with Integrity

Motivate & Encourage Others to Learn.
Asks Questions to Develop your Curiosity.
Challenge yourself & others to the Highest Expectations.
Show Pride & Poise when Performing your Work.
Safety is Important to Share.

Ready ~ Respect your Choice

Listen & Look Quietly when someone is Speaking.
Allow Others to have Different Opinions; Remember Everyone is Equal.
Always be Orderly, in & out of SERFA.
Use Polite, Positive language, & Mannerisms at all times.
Treat Space & Property, as if it were your own.

Fence ~ Fairness with a Friendly Attitude

Be Glad to Meet New People and Make Old Friends with Them.
Give Others the Right to Enjoy Themselves with Peace.
Help Each Other with the Work that Needs to be Done.
Nothing We get by Cheating is Worth what We Lose with our Friends.

Association ~ Apply the Curriculum

Take Interest in your Learning.
Carefully Follow Directions.
Pay Attention to your Ideas & Instincts.
Help & Support all Fencers in Need.
Focus & Follow the Rules of Etiquette when Competing.

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