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"Lynn El Hillow, CEO and Coach of Fitness Fencing, llc began fencing for The Ohio State University as team's aerobics instructor, she joined the Varsity NCAA team shortly after.

Studying under world-class fencing trainers, Charlotte Reminyk, Vladimir Nazlymov, and Terrence Lasker, Lynn served as a Sabre Captain and competed in all three forms. She continued to train and compete in the Colorado, Ohio, and New England Divisions. 

In 2005, Lynn began her first Fitness Fencing program integrated into a martial arts studio.  One year later, she opened her studio in South County, Rhode Island.  Since 2006, Fitness Fencing has branched out to camps, seminars, performances, demonstrations, charities, birthday parties, date nights, personal wellness, after-school and fitness gym programs.

"Fitness Fencing offers the best of physical fitness, mental focus and improved strength, acuity and flexibility," says Lynn. "It is a discipline comparable to yoga in what it gives its practitioners in mind/body mastery, yet is borne from a western tradition." Lynn also adds, "the benefits are beyond the physical; students report greater ability to concentrate, improved ability to think strategically, and an enhanced sense of well-being."

Lynn El-Hillow

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